Qualitative data is a rich source of information that we use to support our regulation of health and social care services.

We explore a wide range of intelligence - from the experience of service users and their carers, to the thoughts of care staff and providers, and the views of key external stakeholders. We’re constantly developing and expanding the use of feedback in our ongoing monitoring of providers and inspection briefing.

Our five key teams are: 

Central Qualitative Analysis

We seek to understand topics being discussed in care services, and consider whether what’s being said represents good practice or cause for concern. Our analysis strengthens understanding of risks to good quality care and informs inspectors' decisions.

Local Qualitative Analysis

Analysing new sources of qualitative information from across the health and social care system, our team aims to establish which sources tell us the most about risks to care quality, and also considers how to best use them in support of regulation.

Cross-sector Qualitative Analysis

This newly formed team will identify and analyse data from across the health and social care system to develop indicators of risk and good practice. Our focus is to gain a better understanding of the developing area of integrated care, new care models and of what good quality care looks like in geographical areas. Analysis completed in this team goes beyond service and provider level.

Qualitative Innovation

We carry out evaluation and reviews of how CQC collects, analyses and uses qualitative intelligence. The aim is to identify and deliver process improvements, so that inspections, judgements and ratings are better supported based on what people tell us.


Carrying out annual, national patient surveys, we collect information on people’s experience of care in acute and mental health settings. These enable CQC to understand differences nationally and locally, appreciate risks and derive strong ratings.

Other Roles within Intelligence

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