At the Care Quality Commission, we’re an independent regulator of health and social care services in England. We have a clear purpose to make sure care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate and high quality care, wherever and whenever they receive it.

CQC’s regulatory approach is intelligence-led. Our Intelligence Unit provides the information, knowledge and insight that steers it.

Our Senior Analysts and Analyst Team Leaders (Qualitative and Quantitative) are integral in making sure that hospitals, community based health and mental health services, dentists, GPs, ambulances, care homes, and care-home agencies meet government standards of quality and safety.The Unit is made up of the following areas:

Provider Analytics (Hospitals)

The team provides indicator development, analysis and data interpretation for each sector within the hospitals inspectorate.  This includes the development of monitoring via CQC Insight and the Routine Provider Information Return collection for providers of acute, community, specialist, combined, ambulance, mental health, learning disability and substance misuse services.

Provider Analytics (Adult Social Care and Primary Care)

Provider Analytics (ASC & Primary) function provides sector-specific provider level intelligence input into all CQC regulatory activities for adult social care services and primary medical service, including urgent care, dental services and children's inspection services. Their input includes developing products and services to support CQC's monitoring and inspection functions and providing evidence and analysis to aid in regulatory decision making as well as supporting quality improvement. They also are responsible for supporting the monitoring of corporate providers within the ASC market oversight function.

National Analytics

National Analytics provides the analytical services to CQC at a national level.  They produce a range of analytical and reporting products - from providing the analysis which underpins our national and thematic reports, to providing information to support CQCs response to media stories and attendance at conferences.  They aim to draw out the key insights and focus on visualisation to maximise impact.  Whilst they are called National Analytics they also lead on integration, pathways and place for Intelligence and co-ordinate work on new care models for Intelligence.  They provide expert advice and analysis to all Intelligence and the wider CQC in the following key areas: statistics, data science, geographical analysis, data visualisation and the analysis of patient level data.

Surveys and Qualitative Intelligence

Surveys & Qualitative Intelligence covers the survey programme, and qualitative data analysis including automated text analytics and data science. 

The qualitative teams improve the capture and flow of qualitative information and maximise the use of this data in our regulatory monitoring (CQC Insight) across the sectors.  The teams contribute directly to national and thematic published reports and provide qualitative support and guidance to other teams across CQC.  These teams also develop the skills, tools and culture to analyse text-based information using data science techniques and tools.  


The surveys team runs the National Patient Experience Surveys including surveys of adult inpatients, community mental health services, maternity services, emergency departments, and children's and young people's inpatient and day case care. 

Strategy and Planning

The Intelligence Strategy and Planning function leads the development and management of the Intelligence strategies. They enable the Intelligence Unit to develop and articulate its strategic direction, and track progress against it, so that Intelligence can demonstrate continuous improvement in how they deliver strategy and planning, policy and evaluation, strategic and cross-cutting thinking with a particular focus on Intelligence's own development as a unit.